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Mis kasu on restoranide iseteeninduse kioski tellimisest toitlustustööstuses?


Interneti kiire arenguga muutub iga päevaga ka toitlustussektori areng. Toidu tellimise viis on samuti tohutult muutunud. See ei tugine enam ainult traditsioonilisele viisile, mida ettekandjad poes tellivad. On olnud mobiilne tellimine (kaasa võtmine),restorani iseteeninduse kioski tellimine, manual ordering, etc. Multiple modes coexist. The ordering mode of the restorani iseteeninduse kioski tellimine also integrates the functions of the other two modes, which can realize ordering. So what are the benefits of applying self-service ordering machines in the catering industry?
1. Vähendage klientide tellimisjärjekorrasoleku aega ja parandage kogu poe teenindusvõimalusi
Kohaldaminerestorani iseteeninduse kioski tellimine in the catering industry has many benefits. The use of the iseteeninduse tellimismasincan reduce the time for customers to queue up for ordering. Customers can choose dine-in and take-out 2 modes of ordering on the self-service ordering machine. After ordering, they can also settle directly. And after the payment is successful, the ordered dishes will be sent directly to the back kitchen printer, reducing the time wasted in information transmission. The use of the restorani iseteeninduse kioski tellimine greatly improves the service capability of the entire store and brings better service to customers.
2. Vähendage tööjõukulusid
Kohaldaminerestorani iseteeninduse kioski tellimine in the catering industry can also help businesses reduce a lot of labor costs. By choosing the self-service ordering model, merchants can reduce the number of waiters that need to be placed in ordering and settlement in the store, which greatly reduces the merchant's high labor costs.
3. Andmete analüüs ärijuhtimise abistamiseks
Lisaks tellimise ja arveldamise funktsioonidele,iseteeninduse tellimismasincan also record the customer's consumption amount and other information on the restorani iseteeninduse kioski tellimine. Then the iseteeninduse tellimismasincan help the merchant complete the analysis of the dishes in the store, as well as some docking in financial data. In this way, it can help the business to better adjust the restaurant, and it can also reduce the problem of the business's data statistics.